Thursday, April 5, 2012

Smokey Cauliflower Kale Stew

From Kristi’s Kitchen


1 qt. organic seasoned chicken stock
16 oz. frozen cauliflower
2 c. packed fresh kale, de-stemmed
2 c. cooked shredded chicken (someone blessed us with a smoked chicken, thus the” Smokey” recipe title)
¾ tsp. organic Herbamare seasoning
1/8 tsp. cayenne
Pinch of nutmeg


-Bring stock, cauliflower and kale to a boil and simmer until tender
-Process cauliflower and kale in food processor until smooth and return to cooking liquid
-Stir in chicken and seasoning
-Simmer for 10 more minutes and serve piping hot

* You can use seasoned organic shredded chicken –no smoke- but you will want to add a bit of garlic powder, black pepper and sea salt to balance the flavor (it’s all dependent on your pallet and the seasoning of your chicken stock). Always start with the smallest amount and work up to taste…

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