Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surge Your Way to Better Health...

What is "Surge" you ask???

Surge is an exercise philosophy from Maximized Living that jump starts your metabolism and trains your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar...

In very simple terms, your body burns sugar during quick/hard bursts of exercise and then the following 36-48 hours it burns fat for fuel (it's true source of energy) thus reducing the excess fat on the body. It's result is trimmer, leaner muscle mass and a body that is burning the correct fuel, which contributes to the regulation of a healthy metabolism.

It really works!

No more "I don't have time!" or "It's too hard!" excuses...

This routine only takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds and can be done as little as 3 times a week and be successful! 

I have personally used the program. 

It, along with healthy nutrition, chiropractic corrective care and wellness adjustments, detox and renewing my mind; has contributed to me becoming the healthiest I have ever been (a physical result of losing over 54 lb. in the last 18 months to prove it).

It's so easy and fun that your kids will love exercising with you, too!

NO extra equipment or gym fees required - GET STARTED TODAY!

Here's how it works:

Choose your favorite techno jive, start your stop watch (there's an "APP" for that) and follow the plan below...

Surge Training

7 minutes 20 seconds
every other day

20 sec. - hard run (in place) 0-20 SEC
20 sec. - walk 20-40 SEC
20 sec. - hard run 40-60 SEC
20 sec. - walk 1:00-1:20 MIN
20 sec. - hard run 1:20-1:40 MIN

2 MINUTE REST - walk/don't sit 1:40-3:40 MIN

20 sec. - hard run 3:40-4:00 MIN
20 sec. - walk 4:00-4:20 MIN
20 sec. - hard run 4:20-4:40 MIN
20 sec. - walk 4:40-5:00 MIN
20 sec. - hard run 5:00-5:20 MIN


For more information on Maximized Living or to find chiropractic care in your area click on the "Maximized Living" Link at the bottom right of this page...

To your health and a better you in the coming weeks, months and beyond - 

BE PROACTIVE and you WILL see results!

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