Sunday, August 7, 2011

Almond Butter Applied...Elvis Would Be Proud!

We've already talked about the Almond Butter recipe and it is delicious. I thought today that I would make a practical application for you...some times you just need a good old fashioned -kid pleasing- nut butter sandwich!
Growing up, I was enamored with Elvis Presley -he truly was "King" in my book...I would sit up way into the night crooning to "Won't You Be My Teddy Bear" and "Love Me Tender".
It has been widely published that one of Elvis' favorite sandwiches was a Peanut Butter, Bacon, Banana & Honey on White Bread...and back in the day before pigs being the earth's garbage disposal was on my radar it became one of my favorite too. I have a thing for salty/sweet combinations and that sandwich satisfied it in every way!
After posting the Almond Butter recipe the other day, my mind harkened back to those delectable days and I rose to the challenge. Here's how it stacks up...


Sliced Whole grain sourdough or sprouted bread (homemade is best)
Home Spun Almond Butter (see earlier post for recipe)
Organic nitrate-free turkey bacon
sliced banana
Honey to drizzle


Stack all the ingredients in a fashion that pleases and enjoy...serve with a side of celery sticks and you are good to go!
Bananas don't have to be bought organically because of their peel but, they are high glycemic so this is definitely a treat -make it as your brisk walk power up and not your late night snack!

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