Friday, August 5, 2011

Vinegar...It's Not Just for Salad Anymore!

In pursuit of this healthy new lifestyle, my husband and I have made a ton of changes in the products we choose to use -from household cleaning products to toiletry items...nothing has been sacred and everything has been scrutinized.
The goal has been detox...eliminating as many toxins as possible from within our four  walls.

Deodorant was one such product...

We've all heard the saying made popular by a deodorant marketing campaign years ago, "Never Let Them See You Sweat"...the truth is our bodies were created to sweat. Sweating naturally eliminates toxins from our bodies so, if this process is blocked by an antiperspirant then all those toxins continue to build up and store in our bodies -essentially hindering health and promoting disease...
Being a girl born and bred in the South, we take this sweating thing very seriously...we glisten - we never sweat and oh my goodness if we were to stink!
So needless to say, this was a very important topic...not wanting to be odiferous and all!
I tried many organic deodorant products and none of them ever did what they promised...I would come away -let's just say NOT FRESH - after all I am a southern girl (insert quirky smiley face here)...
One afternoon about 3 months ago, in a desperate search for something to cure my new found natural odor, I stumbled upon a home remedies website and decided I had nothing to lose so, I typed the words "natural deodorant" into the search box and my surprise the first word that surfaced from the search was VINEGAR!


as in balsamic, rice, sherry, champagne...SALAD DRESSING!

My first thought was "you've got to be kidding me" and my next thought was "Where are the cotton balls?!?!"

Well... who knew is all I have to say now!
White vinegar is the best deodorant I have ever used and the CHEAPEST, too...and you don't walk around smelling like salad either!
Basically, the vinegar kills the odor causing bacteria that collect on the skin thus eliminating any offensive unpleasant stench and your body maintains its ability to detox -WINNER!
At pennies on the dollar it is a solution worth trying and a tip worth cashing in on!

So save the balsamic, rice, sherry and champagne for salad dressing but use the white to stay fresh!

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