Friday, February 17, 2012

Collard Pesto

From Kristi’s Kitchen


3 ½ c. packed fresh collard leaves, no stems
7 large basil leaves
4 ½ cloves of garlic
2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 c. pecan halves
1 ¼ c. olive oil
1 ½ tsp. sea salt
¾ tsp. pepper
¼ c. organic parmesan cheese
¼ c. Beyond Organic Havarti Cheese (you could use ½ c. and leave out Parmesan as an option)


-Combine all ingredients -except oil- in a food process and process until finely ground
-While processor is running, slowly incorporate oil
-Store in a mason jar in the refrigerator

Serve over brown rice pasta OR quinoa with sautéed mushrooms and onions…spread over white fish or pair with sprouted grain bread, homemade mozzarella cheese and sun dried tomato for a delicious Panini.

Today for lunch I made open face Chicken and Collard Pesto Sandwiches on " Homemade Yeast Free Bread" with a drizzle of " Pizza Gazpacho" and "Homemade Mozzarella" yummy, healthful and satisfying -everyone enjoyed it!

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