Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buyer Be-Aware...and Beware!

       One of the keys to obtaining optimal health, healing and the abundant life we are intended to live is removing toxins -chemical stressors - from our bodies and replacing them with the beneficial nutrition that our bodies need to function at their God-given highest potential. There are several aspects to this but, we will focus in this post on the reality of the danger chemical sweeteners pose to our health and our body's ability to fight and heal ...
Over the past year, as I have waded through this new world of health and nutrition and reflected on the reality of what really is going on, I have been appalled by the revelation that we have all been duped! The folks we’ve trusted to keep us safe have fallen down on the job -allowing some grotesquely harmful things to make their way into our food supply and most of us have no idea...because we’ve been trusting to the point that its now our physical demise that hangs in the balance...and their still going!  We can take action and it starts with education!

         Let me introduce you to the key players in the line up of chemical sweeteners (removing these toxins are vital to gaining control of our health, healing and ultimate life long wellness- this is where we begin -you will be shocked -as I was- at how saturated our diets are with these things):

The most familiar of the bunch is SPLENDA.
The product list is over 6,000 strong and going up in number...
Splenda, also called SUCRALOSE, has been marketed to us as a safe sugar substitute -as coming from sugar itself...even though it has a sugar atom (making what they say a half truth) it is combined with 2 chlorocarbons  which makes it in essence a PESTICIDE. 

There is a laundry list of sicknesses, disorders and diseases that sucralose is at the root of... too long for me to list in its entirety but, here is the short stack:

-shrunken thymus glands 
-enlarged liver 
-kidney disorders 
-decreases the beneficial gut flora (key to healthy immune system) 
-migraine trigger 
-skin rashes/ flushing 
-panic-like aggitation 
-dizziness & numbness 
-muscle aches 
-intestinal cramping 
-bladder issues 
-stomach pain 
-weight gain 
-sexual dysfunction 

Needless to say, it is not our friend and reading labels should become the fast habit. If you see sucralose or Splenda on the package -put it back on the shelf and walk away...I don’t think any of us would knowingly say “Good Morning, precious, here’s your eggs with a side of Roundup!” GROSS...
An artificial sweetener we don’t see much of anymore but, it is still used in prepared foods and some gums and medicines...(the place I remember it was in “Tab”) SACCHARIN

Saccharin is proven to cause bladder cancer in rats and a known carcinogenic in humans... any time you see carcinogen or carcinogenic it is cancer...

Know that most, if not all, prepared foods have some form of chemical sweeteners in them - its cheap to produce and takes less to reach the desire sweetness - unless they are labeled to the negative, you can assume they are present in some form...Buyer BE-AWARE!


As a sidenote...speaking of chemical stressors and cancer...

FOOD COLORING of any kind (not just RED) and CARAMEL COLORING are CANCER....the bag of M&M’s...yep...CANCER!

To my shock and amazement food coloring and caramel coloring are in everything! 

The next time you are in your local supermarket stroll down the pickle and condiment will be as appalled as I was! There is no need for YELLOW 5 in pickles or caramel coloring in soy sauce or vanilla or chocolate and absolutely no need for BLUE 5 in marshmallows (no need for marshmallows really but, that's beside this point)

Caramel Coloring is one of the main ingredients in colas, too...

The point is - we all have cancer cells in our bodies but, when we consume things with food coloring or caramel coloring  in them, we are aiding and abetting - helping them to grow and multiply!

And we wonder why cancer is on the rise?!?!

Please READ LABELS and stay away from this stuff and the products that contain them!

Now back to Chemical Sweeteners...

The next and final shady character we will discuss in this post  is Aspartame. It is the most widely used chemical sweetener- in everything from gum and  drinks to “diet foods” and over the counter medicines...the product list is in the tens of thousands -you can google it!
Aspartame at it’s core is FORMALDEHYDE (otherwise known as embalming fluid!)

Can I get a collective -YUCK!  Ask any coroner and he/she will tell you they are using less these days...

And even worse- our bodies not only digest it but, aspartame has the ability to breach the blood-brain barrier and is thus a neurotoxin...


It travels directly to the brain -reeking havic resulting in a DAMAGED CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM AND IMMUNE SYSTEM. It is linked with MS, Lupus and Fibromyalgia and contributes to numerous illnesses both physically and psychologically...the list is as long, if not longer than that of Splenda!
Neotame is Aspartame’s evil is aspartame with a another chemical added in and combined. Supposedly, it is sweeter so less is required to sweeten products. I’d say its just 3x as harmful and more reason to stay clear...
Concerning aspartame, Dr. Marcelle Pick, stated:
“Almost all of the independent research into aspartame found dangerous side effects in rodents. The FDA chose not to take these findings into account when it approved aspartame for public use.”
Dr. Pick, in reference to artificial sweeteners in general, also said:
“ As Food additives, artificial sweeteners are not subject to the same gauntlet of FDA safety trials as pharmaceuticals. Most of the testing is funded by the food industry, which has a vested interest in outcome.”
The bottom line on Artificial Sweeteners, where the manufacturers and the companies that use them are concerned, is the dollar...its not our well being or health...they can produce these toxic sweeteners -it takes less to sweeten their products so it affects their bottom line in a positive way. 

The “ Sugar Free” Diet food craze has not been for our has been for theirs and we have bought into it! 

That train can only go so far before it derails in some fashion and sadly, it will fall to our health and  not their profit margins...BUYER BEWARE!

We have the power to stop the madness -will you be a part of the revolution?


  1. I like how you think. I've been doing a lot of research on my own and come to many of the same conclusions. I have really revamped the way I eat. Besides discovering that I'm allergic to milk, and taking that out of my diet, I have also been free of sugar-free (with the exception of gum every once in a while) for over a year now. I think it was an excellent choice for me. I also agree that I'm finding the added benefits from eating the way the Lord intends for us to eat.

  2. Thanks, Cherbear!

    You mentioned gum...there are several natural gums that would be a great alternative... Glee Gum has a sugar free gum that is sweetened with xylitol (completely safe -they give an explanation on their website) they also have naturally sweetened gums -the small amount of natural unrefined sugar in one piece of gum every now and then would not adversely affect health -, Spry Gum is another brand -a good choice. There is also a brand called Peelu or Steviadent -both a better choice than what is on the supermarket shelves... carrying all these brands and there are other sites as well - so you can shop for best deal...

    Thanks for reading the blog -keep the dialogue going! The more folks that gain understanding and begin to practice healthy nutrition the better we all will be!